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Development of digital services and applications




Digital Solution

Study and implementation of e-education, e-health, e-government solutions, etc.


Service platforms

Implementation of digital service platforms




Supply of solutions

Providing turnkey digital solutions and cybersecurity in “managed services”




Accompanying companies and organizations in their digital transformation using a methodology specific to WISS AFRICA called DIGIT.




Supporting companies and organizations in their agile transformation thanks to the partnership with the European leader in this field.




  • Securing developments and systems
  • Preparing for cyberattacks
  • Prevention of cyber attacks
  • Detection of attack attempts and intrusions
  • Confinements des cyberattaques


Succeeding in the present, preparing for the future

WISS AFRICA develops its activities along three main lines:

Understand the issues and master the technologies
The aim is to offer professionals short training courses leading to a certificate (maximum 5 days), certification courses (several days with a certificate at the end), customized training courses leading to a professional license or a master’s degree (several months).
These courses cover current and future topics as diverse as Big Data, the Internet of Things, cyber security, data centers, cloud computing and virtualization, Artificial Intelligence and robots/drones, the challenges of blockchain, the regulation of content and services, the panorama of mobile technologies and networks (from 2G to 5G), collaborative tools, etc.
Succeed in your agile and digital transformation
The aim is to offer companies and organizations the keys to make digital and agility allies for performance and to give them the tools to reach digital maturity and make agility a state of mind.
These trainings cover topics such as information systems in the era of digital transformation, the implementation of digital transformation projects in the company, the challenges of digital in the various business lines (HR, finance, distribution, etc.), digital marketing, innovation management, the development of a corporate strategy in a digital environment, real case studies, etc.
Focus on people

The aim is to provide companies and organizations with the “soft skills” that will enable them to evolve in environments that have become increasingly complex and changing.
These trainings cover topics such as leadership, agility, change management, lean management, design thinking, creativity development in companies, communication skills, methods such as CPS (Creative Problem Solving), etc.